Marketing ….By far the most debated and misunderstood business area in Romania.

But we also think it’s the most challenging and beautiful. And so does everybody who understands that there is more to marketing than the communication area. And that marketing is part of the selling effort.

Many of those who chose a career in marketing did so for its “creative glamour” but come to live with the daily frustrations of small budgets and huge competition.

Most of the CEOs, GDs and Financial Directors see marketing as a blurry cost-area with little return in immediate sales.

This is the starting point of so much confusion between branding, advertising, marketing, communication, promotion or PR. They are permanently mixed and seldom used for the right purpose.

As for media buying or advertising agencies, they go through briefing, debriefing and re-briefing ending up with mixed concepts (not necessarily the best solution) and little – if any creative satisfaction.

And all the above because parties involved often speak their own language.

This is where the consultant steps in. He/she is by no means replacing the internal marketing specialist or the agency. The consultant becomes their partner.

Because knowing enough from each business, the consultant is able to understand the specifics of each party involved and therefore talk to all and be understood by all. The consultant is the information aggregator, the link, the language unifier.

The consultant sits at the table with the client and gets involved in setting objectives. And remains part of the project till the post project analysis is done and next steps are taken.

The consultant is there to write the creative or media brief, to support the agency in delivering the best product, to understand the needs of the agency in coming up with the best possible solution.

The life of a marketing director can be pretty difficult as he is often expected to permanently be creative, innovative, and full of fresh, functional ideas. And the multi-brand challenge is even more difficult, especially when the client deals with a couple of agencies.

This is where Red Umbrella can step in!



Over 20 years of experience on the client barricade, in the tranches of advertising agencies and in the first line of television – in Romania and CEE.


We know it’s not rocket science to learn marketing tricks or to be up to speed with the latest trends, or to manage a 360 campaign or prepare a media audit.

But it is definitely much easier when all the information is gathered for you, tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Having a map and directions before entering the woods seems like a sensible thing to do. Just like having a clear strategy before starting any marketing project.

Once in the woods without a clear roadmaps and a well-established destination, good luck getting out! And by the way circling the wood and retracing you steps is at your expense.


Implementation is often the drawback of brilliant ideas and strategies. On paper everything seems precise, coherent and creative.

A regular Cannes Lion nominee. But sometimes, it is just that: a paper with a nice idea.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the WHITE LIST of things that can turn a project into a success? Or the BLACK list of “dont’s”? We can offer you both.


Success only comes together with a long-term companion called Work.

This is why we start our partnership with the clients by offering them a small sample of our know-how and experience.


Or almost. Because we require in exchange the stakeholders’ time to help us better understand the details of business and its requirements.

The free diagnosis report is the first step in a long term partnership. It’s a preliminary analysis, a helicopter view to help determine the next steps.

Here are some of the services provided by Red Umbrella:


Not all clients require or can afford long-term partnerships with a consultancy company. This is why we also develop project based partnerships.

The projects are mostly operational and require support for a short period of time.

Here are some of them:

Ludic Geek


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